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Hoodie And Sweatpants Set Tracksuit

Hoodie And Sweatpants Set Tracksuit

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Our Advantages

Higher sensitivity in fashion trends

Our company's design team visits fashion capitals around the world every year, and by participating in major fashion conferences and searching for information on professional clothing information websites, they understand fashion trends, grab design inspiration, and enrich design creativity and elements.

In-depth understanding of the design concepts of clothing brands

Our company's main customers are well-known clothing brands in Europe and the world. Each brand has its own unique brand culture, style preference and design philosophy. In the process of long-term customer service, the company actively maintains a good information interaction and communication mechanism with customers, and gradually becomes familiar with the customer’s work process from design creativity to design realization, the use of customer design language, and the personality of each customer to different fashion trends. Understanding.

Rapid design

Relying on the grasp of global popular elements and fashion trends, as well as the in-depth understanding of the design concepts of clothing brands, the company can provide customers with direct and effective design reference opinions, and assist clothing brands to design personalized styles based on their own characteristics.

Fast and low-cost productization

With its rich experience in garment production, the company can predict the technical feasibility of the customer's design draft in advance, and estimate the materials and processing costs of the finished garment, to a certain extent, avoid inefficient modification of the customer's design draft, and achieve rapid and low-cost design drafts Commercialized.
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